haley ehnert



Haley is a small town, Texas raised girl. who found Yoga in the midst of her health crisis. After 2o years of uncontrolled Type 1 Diabetes, over weight, suffering from depression and anxiety, kidney failure and blindness she suffered a heart attack at the age of 29 resulting in six stents. Realizing that her lifestyle needed to change she began a home yoga practice.Only two weeks into her practice she knew Yoga was a blessing, a passion, a therapy.

After a year of a home daily practice she decided to visit a studio (The Yoga Mat) to grow her practice of Yoga. In 2017 she expanded her practice and became a yoga instructor and is certified from Santa Monica Power Yoga and Guided Meditation with Bryan Kest.

Haley's passion is to share the healing benefits of an Asana and Meditation practice by connecting the mind, the body, the spirit.